I am Sukrit Kashyap Goswami, an aspiring data analyst with a passion for analytics and a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Explore my portfolio to see how I uncover insights and weave compelling narratives from data.



Hospital Management System

• Developed a MySQL-based Hospital Management System to streamline patient information and improve clinical decision-making.
• Designed and implemented the database schema for patient information management, including diagnosis, treatment plans, and billing.
• Improved patient care by enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment through real-time access to patient information.
• Gained expertise in database design and SQL query optimization.

FitBit Fitness Tracker Data

• Led a data- driven project investigating FitBit Fitness Tracker data and discovered that Body Mass Index (BMI) of majority of the users is in the range of 25-30 (overweight).
• Discovered that 50% of the sample’s users utilize their device every 21- 31 days. 12% use their gadget every 11- 20 days. 38% of the respondents never use their gadget.
• Received and cleaned a large dataset from the Kaggle website. Used R Studio and Tableau to visualize data.

Visualizing FBI Hate Crime Statistics from 2015 to 2019

• Led a data- driven project investigating FBI Hate Crime Statistics from 2015 to 2019 using R Studio and provided great insights about the factors that could prove to be a motivation for hate crimes.
• Visualized the top 5 states with the highest rate of hate crimes and found that lower literacy rate has a directly relation to high rate of crime.
•Identified the categories of most targeted victims of hate crimes.

Analysis of water quality

• Analyzed data on the water quality and provided valuable insights using Flourish and Datawrapper, like usage and parameters of freshwater, status of drinking water services, deaths due to unsafe water and water scarcity.
• Established that India is the country with the most usage of water with 761 billion cubic meters of water annually, followed by China with 598 billion cubic meters of water annually.
• Discovered that bacteria amount for 57% of water borne diseases, followed by parasites with 19%, chemical toxins with 10%, viruses with 7% and other contaminants constitute 6%.

About Me

Passionate about data analysis and visualization, I am currently pursuing an internship specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With expertise in tools like Python, R and SQL, along with proficiency in data visualization platforms like Flourish, Datawrapper, and Tableau, I have crafted impactful projects uncovering insights from diverse datasets. Explore my portfolio to witness the power of data-driven narratives.

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laptop computer on glass-top table

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